7 CFR 58.124 Denial or suspension of plant approval
58.124 Denial or suspension of plant approval

Plant approval may be denied or suspended if a determination is made by a designated representative of the Administrator that the plant is not performing satisfactorily in regard to; (a) the classification of milk, (b) proper segregation and disposal of unwholesome raw materials or finished product, (c) adequate facilities and condition of processing equipment, (d) sanitary conditions of plant and equipment, (e) control of insects, rodents and other vermin, (f) use of non-toxic product contact surfaces and prevention of adulteration of raw materials and products with chemicals or other foreign material, (g) proper operating procedures, (h) the maintenance of legal composition of finished products, (i) the manufacture of stable dairy products, of desirable keeping quality characteristics, j) proper storage conditions for ingredients and dairy products, or (k) suitable and effective packaging methods and material.