FSIS Directive 7000.1 Attachment 2

Attachment 2

Instructions for Submission of Samples for Species Identification

When inspection program personnel collect samples for species testing, they are to collect at least one pound of product and put it in a plastic bag supplied by the laboratory. If the product is in a natural casing, inspection program personnel are to collect a sample of the emulsion.

        1. Inspection program personnel are to complete FSIS Form 10,000-2 (form may be requested from Field Supply Center in Beltsville, MD) as follows:

                - Block 7 -- establishment number

                - Block 13-- date sampled

                - Block 14--date mailed

                - Block 21--check 'species identification' box

                - Block 24--provide production lot sampled

                - Block 24--provide declared species

                - Block 25--inspector name (type or print)

                - Block 26--badge number

        2. Inspection program personnel are to attach a product label showing an ingredient statement to the 10,000-2 Form.

        3. Inspection program personnel are to:

                a. follow FSIS Directive 7355.1, Revision 2, Use of Sample Seals for Laboratory Samples and Other Applications;

                b. ship the sample to the Eastern Laboratory in an insulated shipping container;

                c. use sufficient frozen gel packs to keep the sample cold' and

                d. ship via overnight contract courier, Monday thru Friday. For samples shipped on Fridays, be sure to mark Saturday delivery on package and include a Saturday delivery sticker on the box.

The results will be on the LEARN intranet site (see FSIS Directive 10,200.1) for receipt confirmation and sample results.

The laboratory will test the product against a panel of species anti-sera, report species results that correlate with the ingredient statement as "Acceptable", and report species results that indicate a species not declared on the ingredient statement is present, or one of the species on the ingredient statement is not present as "Not Acceptable".
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