9 CFR 317.2 Labels: definition; required features, information panel
317.2.m.1 The information panel is that part of a label that is the first surface to the right of the principal display panel as observed by an individual facing the principal display panel, with the following exceptions:

317.2.m.1.i If the first surface to the right of the principal display panel is too small to accommodate the required information or is otherwise unusable label space, e.g., folded flaps, tear strips, opening flaps, heat-sealed flaps, the next panel to the right of this part of the label may be used.

317.2.m.1.ii If the package has one or more alternate principal display panels, the information panel is the the right of any principal display panel.

317.2.m.1.iii If the top of the container is the principal display panel and the package has no alternate principal display panel, the information panel is any panel adjacent to the principal display panel.

317.2.m.2.i Except as otherwise permitted in this part, all information required to appear on the principal display panel or permitted to appear on the information panel shall appear on the same panel unless there is insufficient space. In determining the sufficiency of the available space, except as otherwise prescribed in this part, any vignettes, designs, and any other nonmandatory information shall not be considered. If there is insufficient space for all required information to appear on a single panel, it may be divided between the principal display panel and the information panel, provided that the information required by any given provision of this part, such as the ingredients statement, is not divided and appears on the same panel.

317.2.m.2.ii All information appearing on the information panel pursuant to this section shall appear in one place without intervening material, such as designs or vignettes.
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