9 CFR 317.4 Labeling approval; finals & sketches
317.4.a No final labeling shall be used on any product unless the sketch labeling of such final labeling has been submitted for approval to the Food Labeling Division, Regulatory Programs, Food Safety and Inspection Service, and approved by such division, accompanied by FSIS form, Application for Approval of Labels, Marking, and Devices, except for generically approved labeling authorized for use in Sec. 317.5(b). The management of the official establishment or establishment certified under a foreign inspection system, in accordance with part 327 of this subchapter, must maintain a copy of all labeling used, along with the product formulation and processing procedure, in accordance with part 320 of this subchapter. Such records shall be made available to any duly authorized representative of the Secretary upon request.

317.4.b The Food Labeling Division shall permit submission for approval of only sketch labeling, as defined in Sec. 317.4(d), for all products, except as provided in Sec. 317.5(b) (2)-(9) and except for temporary use of final labeling as prescribed in paragraph (f) of this section.

317.4.c All labeling required to be submitted for approval as set forth in Sec. 317.4(a) shall be submitted in duplicate to the Food Labeling Division, Regulatory Programs, Food Safety and Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250. A parent company for a corporation may submit only one labeling application (in duplicate form) for a product produced in other establishments that are owned by the corporation.

317.4.d "Sketch" labeling is a printer's proof or equivalent which clearly shows all labeling features, size, location, and indication of final color, as specified in Sec. 317.2. FSIS will accept sketches that are hand drawn, computer generated or other reasonable facsimiles that clearly reflect and project the final version of the labeling. Indication of final color may be met by: submission of a color sketch, submission of a sketch which indicates by descriptive language the final colors, or submission with the sketch of previously approved final labeling that indicates the final colors.
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