9 CFR 352 Exotic Animals and Horses; Voluntary Inspection
352.1 Definitions.

The definitions in Sec. 301.2, not otherwise defined in this part, are incorporated into this part. In addition to those definitions, the following definitions will be applicable to the regulations in this part.

352.1.a Act means the applicable provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as amended (60 Stat. 1087, as amended; 7 U.S.C. 1621 et seq.).

352.1.b Acceptable means suitable for the purpose intended and acceptable to the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

352.1.c Antelope means any animal belonging to the antelope family.

352.1.d Applicant means any interested party who requests any inspection service.

352.1.e Bison means any American bison or catalo or cattalo.

352.1.f Buffalo means any animal belonging to the buffalo family.

352.1.g Catalo or Cattalo means any hybrid animal with American bison appearance resulting from direct crossbreeding of American bison and cattle.

352.1.h Condition means any condition, including, but not limited to, the state of preservation, cleanliness, or soundness of any product or the processing, handling, or packaging which may affect such product.

352.1.i Condition and wholesomeness means the condition of any product, its healthfulness and fitness for human food.

352.1.j Deer means any member of the deer family.

352.1.k Exotic animal means any reindeer, elk, deer, antelope, water buffalo or bison.

352.1.l Elk means any American elk.

352.1.m Exotic animal inspection service means the personnel who are engaged in the administration, application, and direction of exotic animal inspection programs and services pursuant to the regulations in this part.

352.1.n Exotic animal producer means any interested party that engages in the raising and/or marketing of an exotic animal for commercial purposes.

352.1.o Field ante-mortem inspection means the ante-mortem inspection of an exotic animal away from the official exotic animal establishment's premises.

352.1.p Field designated area means any designated area on the applicant's premises, approved by the Regional Director, where field ante-mortem inspection is to be performed.

352.1.q Identify means to apply official identification to products or containers.

352.1.r Inspection means any inspection by an inspector to determine, in accordance with regulations in this part, (1) the condition and wholesomeness of an exotic animal, or (2) the condition and wholesomeness of edible product of an exotic animal at any state of the preparation or packaging in the official plant where inspected and certified, or (3) the condition and wholesomeness of any previously inspected and certified product of an exotic animal if such product has not lost its identity as an inspected and certified product.

352.1.s Interested party means any person financially interested in a transaction involving any inspection.

352.1.t Official exotic animal establishment means any slaughtering, cutting, boning, curing, smoking, salting, packing, rendering, or similar establishment at which inspection is maintained under the regulations in this part.

352.1.u Official device means a stamping appliance, branding device, stencil printed label, or any other mechanically or manually operated tool that is approved by the Administrator for the purpose of applying any official mark or other identification to any product or packaging material.

352.1.v Official identification means any symbol, stamp, label or seal indicating that the product has been officially inspected and/or indicating the condition of the product approved and authorized by the Administrator to be affixed to any product, or affixed to or printed on the packaging material of any product.

352.1.w Program means the Voluntary Exotic Animal Inspection Program of the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

352.1.x Reindeer means any reindeer commonly referred to as caribou.

352.1.y Transport vehicle means any vehicle used to transport an exotic animal.

352.1.z Veterinarian means an authorized veterinarian of the Program employed by the Department or any cooperating State who is authorized by the Secretary to do any work or perform any duty in connection with the Program.

352.1.aa Water buffalo means any Asiatic water buffalo, commonly referred to as carabao; and the water buffalo of India, commonly referred to as the Indian buffalo.
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