9 CFR 352 Exotic Animals and Horses; Voluntary Inspection
352.9 Report of inspection work.

Reports of the work of inspection carried on within the field ante- mortem inspection area of an exotic animal producer's premises and/or official exotic animal establishment shall be forwarded to the Administrator by the ante-mortem inspector. The applicant for such inspection shall furnish to the Administrator such information as may be required on forms provided by the Administrator.

352.10 Ante-mortem inspection.

An ante-mortem inspection of an exotic animal shall, where and to the extent considered necessary by the Administrator and under such instructions as he may issue from time to time, be made on the day of slaughter of an exotic animal, in one of the following listed ways or as determined by the Administrator. Humane handling of an exotic animal during ante-mortem inspection shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in 9 CFR 313.2. Immediately after the animal is stunned or killed, it shall be shackled, hoisted, stuck and bled.

352.10.a To be performed on an exotic animal in the field in a designated area of an exotic animal producer's premises.

352.10.a.1 Reindeer, elk, deer, antelope, bison and water buffalo are eligible for field ante-mortem inspection. The field ante-mortem designated area must be approved by the Regional Director or designee prior to rendition of the service.

352.10.a.2 Any person who desires to receive field ante-mortem inspection must provide:

352.10.a.2.i Notification from an official exotic animal establishment to the Regional Director or designee.

352.10.a.2.ii A field ante-mortem designated area.

352.10.a.2.iii A stunning/slaughtering area which is in a condition that minimizes the possibility of soiling the animal when stunned/slaughtered and bled as determined by the inspector.

352.10.a.2.iv A transport vehicle that is as sanitary as practicable as determined by the inspector.

352.10.a.3 The ante-mortem inspector shall determine the acceptableness and safety of performing field ante-mortem inspection. If, in the opinion of the ante-mortem inspector, an unsafe circumstance exists at the time of field ante-mortem inspection, the service shall be denied.

352.10.a.4 An exotic animal that, in the ante-mortem inspector's opinion, does not pass ante-mortem inspection must be withheld from slaughter.

352.10.a.5 Stunning to render the animal unconscious shall be in accordance with 9 CFR 313.15 or 313.16.

352.10.a.6 All stunned/slaughtered and bled exotic animals shall be tagged with a "U.S. Suspect" tag in an ear by the ante-mortem inspector or designee prior to loading on the transport vehicle.

352.10.a.7 The transport of intact exotic animal carcasses to an official exotic animal establishment for post-mortem inspection shall be as expedient as possible, and must be within the same day as field slaughter.

352.10.a.8 Ante-mortem cards (Form MP 402-2) shall be filled out by the ante-mortem inspector. One copy is to be retained by the ante-mortem inspector. The other copy shall accompany the transport vehicle to the official exotic animal establishment and shall be delivered to the post- mortem veterinarian.

352.10.a.9 The ante-mortem inspector shall supervise all phases of field ante-mortem inspection.
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