9 CFR 381.116 Wording on labels of immediate containers
381.116.a Each label for use on immediate containers for inspected and passed poultry products shall bear on the principal display panel (except as otherwise permitted in the regulations), the items of information required by this subpart. Such items of information shall be in distinctly legible form. Except as provided in 381.128, all words, statements and other information required by or under authority of the Act to appear on the label or labeling shall appear thereon in the English language: Provided, however, That in the case of products distributed solely in Puerto Rico, Spanish may be substituted for English for all printed matter except the USDA inspection legend.

381.116.b The principal display panel shall be the part of a label that is most likely to be displayed, presented, shown, or examined under customary conditions of display for sale. The principal display panel shall be large enough to accommodate all the mandatory label information required to be placed thereon by the regulations with clarity and conspicuousness and without being obscured by design or vignettes, or crowding. Where packages bear alternate principal display panels, information required to be placed on the principal display panel shall be duplicated on each principal display panel. The area that is to bear the principal display panel shall be:

381.116.b.1 In the case of a rectangular package, one entire side, the area of which is the product of the height times the width of that side.

381.116.b.2 In the case of a cylindrical or nearly cylindrical container:

381.116.b.2.i An area on the side of the container that is 40 percent of the product of the height of the container times the circumference, or

381.116.b.2.ii A panel, the width of which is one-third of the circumference and the height of which is as high as the container: Provided, however, That there is, immediately to the right or left of such principal display panel, a panel which has a width not greater than 20 percent of the circumference and a height as high as the container, and which is reserved for information prescribed in Secs. 381.118, 381.122, and 381.123. Such panel shall be known as the "20 percent panel" and such information may be shown on that panel in lieu of showing it on the principal display panel as provided in this 381.116.

381.116.b.3 In the case of a container of any other shape, 40 percent of the total surface of the container.

In determining the area of the principal display panel, exclude tops, bottoms, flanges at tops and bottoms of cans, and shoulders and necks of bottles or jars.
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