Sample: Nutrition Facts Panel Calculator
This page is an example of the results screen for an NFP. It allows you to select certain formatting characteristics for the NFP -- please experiment with the various options. In particular, changing the Height option will result in different panel layouts.

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Results for Sample Chicken Corn Dog
Select the formatting characteristics of your NFP and click the "View" button to see it.

This section is specially designed to give you options in how your NFP is formatted. Default selections are based upon government examples, but you can choose to alter these to fit the specific requirements of your packaging. The program will produce the smallest NFP allowed by regulations, given the options you select. You may change these format settings as often as you wish. (The settings will not be stored, so print this page and your final NFP image for your records.)

Select the Arial fonts used in the NFP:
Using a narrow font will result in a smaller NFP; however, make sure that letters do not touch each other on your printed label.
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher (free) is required to print the results of this calculator.
PRINT this page for your records by choosing "File" and "Print" from your browser's navigation bar.

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