Required Label Features
Topics of Required Label Features:
    • Country of Origin
    • Foreign Languages
    • Handling Statement
    • Inspection Legend
    • Label Definition
    • Net Weight Statement
    • Package Panel Types
    • Packing Dates
    • Safe Handling Instructions
    • Signature Line
    • Special Packaging

General Required Label Features Regulations:
7 CFR 56.35 Authority to use, and approval of official identification{labeling and nutrition labeling and Handling Statement}
7 CFR 58.342 General identification{Label features,Butter, Plastic and Frozen cream}
7 CFR 58.445 General identification{Labeling for bulk cheese for cutting and container for cheese}
7 CFR 58.51 Information required on official identification{Milk and Milk products}
7 CFR 58.931 General identification{Labeling of Bulk Shipping Containers}
9 CFR 317.2.m.1 Labels: definition; required features{Information Panel, Alternate Display Panel}
9 CFR 381.116.c Wording on labels of immediate containers
9 CFR 381.146 Sampling at official establishments
9 CFR 381.96 Wording and Form of the Official Inspection Legend
country of origin Country of Origin
Country of Origin Labeling Country of Origin Labeling
kosher product containers Kosher (product Containers)
pressure sensitive labels Pressure Sensitive Labels
shipping containers Shipping Containers