9 CFR 417.3 Corrective actions
417.3 Corrective actions

417.3.a The written HACCP plan shall identify the corrective action to be followed in response to a deviation from a critical limit. The HACCP plan shall describe the corrective action to be taken, and assign responsibility for taking corrective action, to ensure:

417.3.a.1 The cause of the deviation is identified and eliminated;

417.3.a.2 The CCP will be under control after the corrective action is taken;

417.3.a.3 Measures to prevent recurrence are established; and

417.3.a.4 No product that is injurious to health or otherwise adulterated as a result of the deviation enters commerce.

417.3.b If a deviation not covered by a specified corrective action occurs, or if another unforeseen hazard arises, the establishment shall:

417.3.b.1 Segregate and hold the affected product, at least until the requirements of paragraphs (b)(2) and (b)(3) of this section are met;

417.3.b.2 Perform a review to determine the acceptability of the affected product for distribution;

417.3.b.3 Take action, when necessary, with respect to the affected product to ensure that no product that is injurious to health or otherwise adulterated, as a result of the deviation, enters commerce;

417.3.b.4 Perform or obtain reassessment by an individual trained in accordance with Sec. 417.7 of this part, to determine whether the newly identified deviation or other unforeseen hazard should be incorporated into the HACCP plan.

417.3.c All corrective actions taken in accordance with this section shall be documented in records that are subject to verification in accordance with Sec. 417.4(a)(2)(iii) and the recordkeeping requirements of Sec. 417.5 of this part.