9 CFR 417.7 Training
417.7 Training

417.7.a Only an individual who has met the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section, but who need not be an employee of the establishment, shall be permitted to perform the following functions:

417.7.a.1 Development of the HACCP plan, in accordance with Sec. 417.2(b) of this part, which could include adapting a generic model that is appropriate for the specific product; and

417.7.a.2 Reassessment and modification of the HACCP plan, in accordance with Sec. 417.3 of this part.

417.7.b The individual performing the functions listed in paragraph (a) of this section shall have successfully completed a course of instruction in the application of the seven HACCP principles to meat, poultry, or egg products processing, including a segment on the development of a HACCP plan for a specific product and on record review.