Net Weight Statement

Divider Pak: On a product where two cans are taped together, one of which contains the meat or poultry item and the other a vegetable, e.g., "Chicken Chow Mein," the meat or poultry label may include the net weight on the 20 percent panel. The vegetable can bears the true name of the product with the total net weight of the other can and the drained weight of the vegetable can.

Double Packing: When a poultry product and a non-poultry product are separately wrapped and placed in a single immediate container bearing the name of both products, the net weight shown on the immediate container may be the total net weight of the two products or the net weight of the poultry product and the non-poultry product separately.

Additional Net Weight Information: Nonregulatory information of a net weight nature, e.g., 4-3 oz. packages, accompanying a net weight statement is acceptable and need not adhere to the size and spacing restrictions.

Open Net Weights: Open net weights may be presented in pounds and ounces, decimals, decimal fractions, or fractions, e.g., 1 1/2 lbs., 1.6 lbs.

Net Weight Requirements: The statement of net quantity of contents is required on all products intended for sale at retail intact. In addition, shipping containers must bear a net quantity of contents statement if product inside is not uniform in weight (i.e., random weight). Piece counts may not be used in lieu of a required net quantity of contents statement on a shipping container but may be used as additional information.

Multi-Unit Retail Packages: Fully labeled packages of more than one of the same meat or poultry product packages in an open (i.e., clear) overwrap do not have to include a net weight statement.

See: 9 CFR 317.2(h), and 9 CFR 381.121(b)
MPI Bulletin 211