Net Weight Statements on Packages with Header Labels

The guidelines for determining the size and location of net weight statements on meat food product packages with header labels are as follows:

1. The entire front of the package is considered the principal display panel of the package and its area is used to determine the size of the net weight statement. Print size specifications for the net weight statement specified by the regulations must be followed.

2. The net weight statement should be placed within the lower 30 percent area of the header label if no other mandatory labeling features are printed on the rest of the principal display panel of the package. If mandatory features do appear below the header label, the net weight statement must be placed within the lower 30 percent of the total area containing any mandatory information.

A "Header Label" is a small label applied across the top of a package usually bearing all of the mandatory labeling information. The rest of the package is most often a clear film containing a meat or poultry product, e.g., luncheon meat. This type of packaging is designed to be used on pegboard type displays.

See: Policy Memo 047 dated May 3, 1982