7 CFR 56.29 Suspension or withdrawal of plant approval for correctable cause
56.29 Suspension or withdrawal of plant approval for correctable cause

56.29.a Any plant approval given pursuant to the regulations in this part may be suspended by the Administrator for:

56.29.a.1 Failure to maintain grading facilities and equipment in a satisfactory state of repair, sanitation, or cleanliness;

56.29.a.2 The use of operating procedures which are not in accordance with the regulations in this part; or

56.29.a.3 Alterations of grading facilities or equipment which have not been approved in accordance with the regulations in this part.

56.29.b Whenever it is feasible to do so, written notice in advance of a suspension shall be given to the person concerned and shall specify a reasonable period of time in which corrective action must be taken. If advance written notice is not given, the suspension action shall be promptly confirmed in writing and the reasons therefor shall be stated, except in instances where the person has already corrected the deficiency. Such service, after appropriate corrective action is taken,
will be restored immediately, or as soon thereafter as a grader can be made available. During such period of suspension, grading service shall not be rendered. However, the other provisions of the regulations pertaining to providing grading service on a resident basis will remain in effect unless such service is terminated in accordance with the provisions of this part.

56.29.c If the grading facilities or methods of operation are not brought into compliance within a reasonable period of time as specified by the Administrator, the Administrator shall initiate withdrawal action pursuant to the Rules of Practice Governing Formal Adjudicatory Proceedings (7 CFR part 1, subpart H), and the operator shall be afforded an opportunity for an oral hearing upon written request in accordance with such Rules of Practice, with respect to the merits or validity of the withdrawal action, but any suspension shall continue in effect pending the outcome of such hearing unless otherwise ordered by the Administrator. Upon withdrawal of grading service in an official plant, the plant approval shall also become terminated and all labels, seals, tags, or packaging material bearing official identification shall, under the supervision of a person designated by the AMS, either be destroyed or the official identification completely obliterated or sealed in a manner acceptable t o the AMS.

56.29.d In any case where grading service is withdrawn under this section, the person concerned may thereafter apply for grading service as provided in Sec. Sec. 56.20 through 56.29 of these regulations.