FSIS Directive 10230.5 Self-instruction Guide for Collecting Raw Meat and Poultry Product Samples for Salmonella Analysis


This directive transmits a self-instruction guide for use by inspection personnel when collecting samples of raw meat and poultry products for Salmonella analysis as set forth in sec. 310.25(b) and sec. 381.94(b).




9 CFR 310.25(b) and 381.94(b)


A. The Pathogen Reduction and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) final rule (July 1996) established raw meat and poultry products pathogen reduction performance standards for Salmonella. FSIS will collect raw meat and poultry product samples from establishments and test the samples for Salmonella to verify that establishments are meeting the pathogen reduction performance standards. Pathogen reduction performance standards for raw products are an essential component of FSIS=s food safety strategy because they provide a direct measure of progress in controlling and reducing the most significant hazards associated with raw meat and poultry products. Accordingly, the collection of samples in plants by inspection program personnel is a significant Agency priority.

B. The self-instruction guide, Salmonella Analysis -Collecting Raw Meat and Poultry Samples (Attachment 1), provides all the information necessary to complete assigned sample collection and submission tasks. It should be referred to as often as needed by inspection personnel.

Margaret K. Glavin
Deputy Administrator
Office of Policy, Program Development and Analysis