9 CFR 317.2 Labels: definition; required features; net weight
317.2.h.10 Labels for containers which bear any representation as to the number of servings contained therein shall bear, contiguous to such representation, and in the same size type as is used for such representation, a statement of the net quantity of each such serving.

317.2.h.11 As used in this section, a "random weight consumer size package" is one which is one of a lot, shipment or delivery of packages of the same product with varying weights and with no fixed weight pattern.

317.2.h.12 On a multiunit retail package, a statement of the net quantity of contents shall appear on the outside of the package and shall include the number of individual units, the quantity of each individual unit, and in parentheses, the total net quantity of contents of the multiunit package in terms of avoirdupois or fluid ounces. For the purposes of this section, "multiunit retail package" means a package containing two or more individually packaged units of the identical commodity and in the same quantity, with the individual packages intended to be sold as part of the multiunit retail package but capable of being individually sold in full compliance with all requirements of the regulations in this part. Open multiunit retail packages that do not obscure the number of units and the labeling thereon are not subject to this paragraph if the labeling of each individual unit complies with the requirements of paragraphs (h) (2), (3), (6), and (8) of this section.
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