9 CFR 381.138 Unauthorized use or disposition of approved labeling or devices
381.138.a Labeling and devices approved for use pursuant to 381.115 shall be used only for the purpose for which approved, and shall not be disposed of from the official establishment for which approved except with written approval of the Administrator. Any unauthorized use or disposition of approved labeling or devices bearing official inspection marks is prohibited and may result in cancellation of the approval.

381.138.b Labeling and containers bearing any official inspection marks, with or without the official establishment number, may be transported from one official establishment to any other official establishment, only if such shipments are made with the prior authorization of the inspector in charge at point of origin, who will notify the inspector in charge at destination concerning the date of shipment, quantity, and type of labeling material involved. Approved labeling and containers may be moved without restriction under this part between official establishments operated by the same person if such labeling and containers are approved for use at all such establishments. No such material shall be used at the establishment to which it is shipped unless such use conforms with the requirements of this subpart.