9 CFR 381.140 Relabeling poultry products
When it is claimed by the operator of an official establishment that some of its labeled poultry product, which has been transported to a location other than an official establishment, is in need of relabeling because the labeling has become mutilated or damaged, or for some other reason needs relabeling, the requests for relabeling the poultry product shall be sent to the Administrator and accompanied with a statement of the reasons therefor and the quantity of labeling required. Labeling material intended for relabeling inspected and passed product shall not be transported from an official establishment until permission has been received from the Administrator. The relabeling of inspected and passed product with official labels shall be done under the supervision of an inspector pursuant to the regulations in Part 362 of this chapter. The establishment shall reimburse the Inspection Service for any cost involved in supervising the relabeling of such product as provided in said regula tions.