9 CFR 381.148 Processing and handling requirements for frozen poultry products
Procedures with respect to processing of frozen ready-to-heat-and- eat poultry products or stuffed ready-to-roast poultry shall be in accordance with sound operating practices and carried out in a manner which will assure freedom from adulteration of the products. Products to be frozen shall be moved into the freezer promptly under such supervision by an inspector as is necessary to assure preservation of the products by prompt and efficient freezing. Adequate freezing facilities shall be provided within the official establishment where products to be frozen are prepared, except that, upon written request, and under such conditions as may be prescribed by the Administrator in specific cases, such products may be moved from the official establishment prior to freezing: Provided, That the official establishment and freezer are so located and the necessary arrangements are made so that the Inspection Service will have access to the freezing room and adequate opportunity to determine that the products are being properly handled and frozen.