How to Search the Label Libraries

This foodCompliance web site contains two libraries of federal label regulations; one each for those that fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and those under the Food and Drug Agency (FDA).

The libraries may be accessed in three different ways:

  1. Searching for text within a regulation.
    Words or phrases may be searched for within the text of all regulations contained in a library. The search will find any word in the search phrase as well as derivatives of each word. For example, if the phrase dry beef is searched, any references to dry, dried, dries, drying and beef will be found. To search for an exact word or exact phrase of words, enclose it in double quotes (such as "dry beef").

  2. Accessing a regulation by its source.
    The USDA library contains regulations from the following sources: Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Standards in Labeling Policy Book (SLPB), Food and Safety Information Service (FSIS) directives, Export regulations Prime Label Consultants (PLC) Basic Course and Micellaneous.
    The FDA library contains regulations from Title 21 of the CFR. Each of these sources has a table of contents which may be used to find and view a specific regulation. For example, the CFR source is organized by Title, each Title is divided into Parts, and each Part may have one or more Sections.

  3. Accessing a regulation by its topic.
    Each regulation is associated with one or more compliance topics. These topics are organized in a hierarchy starting with general topics such as kinds of food, types of claims, etc. Each general topic has multiple subtopics, and each subtopic may have more subtopics and/or regulations that are associated with it.
    Finding a particular regulation is easy; start with its general topic and "drill down" through each subtopic until the regulation is found.
Please note that the search functionality and most of the topics are restricted to Subscribers only.
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