Sample: Sodium Claims Calculator
This page is an example of the results screen for a sodium claim. It lists product data and the alternatives for the claim's wording as well as any required qualifiers.

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Results for Sample Chicken Soup
Your product complies with the "Low Sodium" Claim.
You may select from the following allowable claim wordings:
A Low Sodium FoodA Food Low in Sodium
A Food which Contains a Small Amount of SodiumA Low Source of Sodium Food
A Food with Little Sodium
Your product requires the following qualifier:
(140mg or less Sodium per 245g)
Product Details:
  • Jurisdiction:
  • Meal or Main Dish:
  • Nutritional Analysis sample size:
100.0 g
  • Nutritional Analysis sodium content:
50.0 mg
  • Specially formulated for sodium:
  • Serving Size:
312.0 g
  • RACC:
245.0 g
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