9 CFR 317.2 Labels: definition; required features on PDP
317.2.c Labels of all products shall show the following information on the principal display panel (except as otherwise permitted in this part), in accordance with the requirements of this part or, if applicable, part 319 of this subchapter:

317.2.c.1 The name of the product, which in the case of a product which purports to be or is represented as a product for which a definition and standard of identity or composition is prescribed in part 319 of this subchapter, shall be the name of the food specified in the standard, and in the case of any other product shall be the common or usual name of the food, if any there be, and if there is none, a truthful descriptive designation, as prescribed in paragraph (e) of this section;

317.2.c.2 If the product is fabricated from two or more ingredients, the word "ingredients" followed by a list of the ingredients as prescribed in paragraph (f) of this section;

317.2.c.3 The name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor for whom the product is prepared, as prescribed in paragraph (g) of this section;

317.2.c.4 An accurate statement of the net quantity of contents, as prescribed in paragraph (h) of this section;

317.2.c.5 An official inspection legend and, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (i) of this section, the number of the official establishment, in the form required by part 312 of this subchapter;

317.2.c.6 Any other information required by the regulations in this part or part 319 of this subchapter.
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